Founder of Genome Explorations, Dr. Divyen Patel, was recently featured in an article in Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare (PSQH), where he discussed the transformative power of liquid biopsies on disease treatment.

The feature, which was posted on PSHQ on June 22, 2022, dives into the limitations that plague tissues biopsies and how liquid biopsies are able to provide a valuable tool for early detection.

This is where another type of biopsy—liquid biopsies—is proving to be invaluable. Liquid biopsies are not new; they have been used for years to detect tumor material in bodily fluids. As cells die, fragments of DNA are shed into a person’s blood. Liquid biopsies can detect this circulating DNA in the earliest stages of the disease, well before a tumor has begun growing.

Be sure to check out the full feature in PSQH using the following link or check it out below:

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