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Genome Explorations, Inc. is a premier research institution providing global genomic profiling and molecular diagnostics services to academic centers, pharmaceutical and biotech industry, oncologists, and pathologists with innovative diagnostic, prognostic, predictive, and personalized testing. We believe that the combination of unparalleled quality diagnostics, industry-leading innovation, and exceptional service enable us to help a range of clients develop and implement a personalized approach to healthcare and, ultimately, eradicate the most malicious disease states.

Genome Explorations Inc. was founded by Dr. Divyen H. Patel to provide Academic, Biotech and Pharmaceutical institutes with a ‘Complete Solution’ for RNA, miRNA and DNA analysis. Genome explorations also provide all associated Bioinformatic solutions to make sence of the data generated through these high through put technologies. Dr. Patel started and managed the Genomics Core Facility at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The finding’s from one of the many studies conducted through his core was described in a seminal study on the cover of Cancer Cell (Cancer Cell Vol. 1 133-143 March 2002). The study pioneered the use of global genomics to enhance diagnosis of pediatric leukemia and evaluate prognostic outcome in patients. The extensive experience gained through working with scores of investigators, resulting in over a hundred publications, has made Genome Explorations Inc. the number one choice for Investigators worldwide for all their genomic projects.

The ‘Complete Solution’ requires you, our client, to only provide us with your biological samples (DNA, RNA, Cells, Tissue or Blood). Our highly trained staff subsequently process these samples to completion and analyze them using the latest advanced bioinformatics solutions. This model, combined with the one-on-one interactions we have with our investigators, allows us to generate the highest quality data sets in the industry.

Tesis Biosciences

Genome-Explorations is a proud to be a Tesis Biosciences company. Tesis Biosciences aims to transform medicine by providing physicians, hospitals and researchers with the tools, including advanced genetic testing, to help patients overcome and prevent major chronic conditions such as cancer, heart and lung disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

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