Gene Expression Services

Scientists at Genome Explorations have worked with over 350 scientists worldwide in meeting their gene expression needs. As an industry leader in the microarray field and a certified provider of Affymetrix® microarray services and Life Technologies qPCR services, we have developed a series of SOPs that allow us to reproducibly generate global gene expression data sets of the highest quality. Our validated microarray protocols consistently result in sample-to-sample variability of less than 0.5% (industry standard is 2.0%).

Validation of microarray results or small and intermediate sized gene expression projects can be analyzed by RT-qPCR or digital PCR, utilizing Life Technologies, BioRad, and Fluidigm Biomark platforms.


Gene Expression Profiling: High through-put gene expression screening

Diagnostics: Disease specific development of diagnostic tools

Biomarkers: Discovery of diagnostics and therapeutics biomarkers

Pharmacogenomics: Target identification and validation

Toxicology: Tox. screening for existing and novel drugs