Custom Solutions & Advanced Analyses

We have the SOLUTIONS to meet your BIOINFORMATICS needs When it comes to developing custom pipelines, implementing the most cutting edge analyses & profiling techniques, we work with our clients to ensure their informatics needs are met. Whether implementing a sofisticated analysis method, designing a custom analysis pipeline, utilizing cutting-edge machine learning techniques for biomarker classification, or simply producing publication-ready figures, our staff combines years of experience with highly qualified personnel to meet your every need.

Microarray Analysis

Data Acquisition and Basic Analyses GeneChip® Command Console® (AGCC) AGCC is the latest generation of instrument control software for GeneChip systems. The Command Console® software provides an intuitive set of tools for instrument control and data management used in the processing of GeneChip Arrays. Genome Explorations uses the AGCC suite for automated data collection and instrument control with the GeneChip® Fluidics Station 400 and the GeneChip® Scanner 3000.

Companion Dx & Biomarker Discovery

Companion and Complimentary Diagnostics Companion diagnostics continue to play an ever expanding role in personalized healthcare as physician’s seek to better more accurately forecast patients’ potential responses to various treatment options. Whether you are a pharmaceutical company embarking on a new drug/Companion diagnostic offering or an independent Companion diagnostic manufacturer, our team can provide unparalled support to ensure expedient and successful parallel development of both your companion test and drug/biologic.

Expression Analysis

Gene Expression Services Scientists at Genome Explorations have worked with over 350 scientists worldwide in meeting their gene expression needs. As an industry leader in the microarray field and a certified provider of Affymetrix® microarray services and Life Technologies qPCR services, we have developed a series of SOPs that allow us to reproducibly generate global gene expression data sets of the highest quality. Our validated microarray protocols consistently result in sample-to-sample variability of less than 0.

Genomic Research Services

DEFINE, DESIGN, DISCOVER Our experienced scientists work one-on-one with scientists, researchers and clinicians to provide a ‘Complete Solution’ for Genotyping, Gene Expression and miRNA Profiling Services, from experimental design to in-depth data analysis and advanced bioinformatics. Our ‘Complete Solutions’ include state of the art Technologies from Illumina, Thermofisher Scientific and Affymetrix for challenging specimens, such as LCM, FFPE and whole blood samples. With over 40 years of combined experience, our scientists at Genome Explorations have developed detailed standard operating procedures (SOPs) that allow us to consistently generate the highest quality, most reproducible data sets in the industry.